Our Journey

This network began in 2017 as the Sustainable Futures in Africa Network with a small group of individuals from Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Malawi, and Scotland who believed in the possibility of a different approach to international and sustainable development practice. We challenged the long-standing systems, practices, and assumptions of research and development that tended to favour those already privileged and extract from those considered “in need”.

By 2020, the SFA had grown significantly in size, capacity, and vision. To continue to enact our values and strive towards our common goal, we have expanded beyond our African and European hubs to include partnerships and possibilities and challenges across the globe. This new formation of our network is the Sustainable Futures Global Network and welcomes new hubs and initiatives in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Over the course of 2021 we, across the globe, are innovating and designing the new structures and dynamics to support this expanded scope in line with our values and goal. This website provides access to the diverse hubs, projects, and members of the network – at our various stages in this journey.

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