The SFA Network is an ever-growing network of NGOs and academics working on global sustainability challenges. The initiative started in 2016, and has grown to encompass five hubs around sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.


Strenghtening the Structure and Capacity of the Network

This year, the overarching objective is to strengthen the current structure and capacity of the SFA Network by : 1) Continually decreasing non-project-based infrastructure funding and diversifying funding sources; 2) Strengthening the Scotland-led research projects; and 3) Formalising and developing the roles of graduate students and ECRs in the network.

Autonomous Hubs

Maintaining the solid and sustainable base for each hub whilst moving towards the continued increase of diverse and external funding sources.

PGR and ECR Association

Support the explicit mentorship and career development of the growing number of PGR and Masters students engaged in our network across and between hubs.


Sustainable Futures

The SFA Network wishes to expand and explore work partnership opportunities. Over the coming years, we aspire to launch new hubs in Africa and beyond to multiply our initiatives.

New Partnerships

Hubs are invited to expand their reach within (new partners) and outside (new communities) their focal research projects.

New Hubs

The Network wishes to explore partnerships with new countries in Africa and beyond and possibly establish new hubs.