Job opportunity with the SFA Eswatini hub - Research Administrator

The Sustainable Futures in Africa (SFA) Network, in collaboration with the University of Eswatini, is seeking to fill the position of a Research Administrator to help implementing a collaborative research project entitled Whose crisis?: The Global covid-19 crisis from the perspective of communities in Africa. More specifically, the Research Administrator will lead the fieldwork logistic, communications and finance management for the project. This project is an interdisciplinary initiative and project team members are spread across the UK, Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria, Eswatini and Uganda. The Research Administrator will have the opportunity to exchange with colleagues from other locations as well as to build an international network. Click here for more information about the project.

About the role

The Research Administrator will be responsible for the management of the research project in Eswatini and the overarching research project in collaboration with the Research Administrators team (one per SFA hub) and the Project Manager (based at the University of Glasgow). Project management will be provided, but the successful applicant is expected to have strong experience in interdisciplinary international development research.

This is a part time position, for 10 months (Nov 2020 to Aug 2021), with possibility of contract extension. The working schedule will be discussed with potential candidates, and will vary depending on project phases. The candidate will be based at the University of Eswatini and will work closely with a multidisciplinary research team and with the research administrator.


  1. Support the Project and Research leads in their responsibilities
  2. Responsible for Internal communications with the hub research team
  3. Support the Project Manager with the preparation and update the project plan (Scope, budget, timeline, deliverables, project team, risk assessment, project milestones, communication plan, impact plan)
  4. Take part to the Research Administrative team 
  • Participate to weekly/bi-weekly meetings 
  • Learn how to work in the collaborative platform to facilitate exchanges 
  • Support the research team with challenges and issues 
  • Oversee project progression within the co-opted timeline 
  • Oversee the collaboration agreement signature in respective institution 
  1. Responsible for the financial management
  • Assure appropriate resource allocation for each activity delivery 
  • Monitor expenses and reconcile monthly transactions reports 
  • Share monthly transactions report and receipts with the Project Manager and request the Purchasing Order number 
  • Request monthly invoices to home institution finance office  
  • Revise and send monthly invoice to Project Manager on agreed date  
  • Oversee payment process and liaise with the Project Manager 
  • Prepare hub’s final activities and financial report 
  1. Facilitate communication with local stakeholders and communities
  2. Responsible for external communications and dissemination on hub social media 
  3. Assist the Project Manager in the delivery of the Project Management Workshop
  4. Responsible for the logistics of fieldwork
  5. Maintain accurate records of documentation (data), safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary 
  6. Participate in team meetings, other essential meetings and workshops

Role's requirements

  1. Must hold master’s degree from a recognized academic institution.
  2. Must demonstrate ability to hold financial records and to report on expenditures.
  3. Must demonstrate excellent project management skills.
  4. Must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.
  5. Must demonstrate excellent communication skills (for diverse audiences: media, academia, general public, etc.).
  6. Must be able to work efficiently with minimal supervision.
  7. Must be a good team member.
  8. Must be able to demonstrate experience in international development, interdisciplinary research, sustainability studies.
  9. Must demonstrate a good understanding of the effective operation of social media for the purposes of promotion and engagement.
  10. Experience of working across multiple cultural contexts would be an asset.

How to apply

Interested applicants who meet the requirements should submit their CV and cover letter (both in .pdf format) by email with at least 3 reference contacts and daytime contact number to;

Please indicate the position in the subject line.

Apply by 9th November 2020.