Ethical and effective international and interdisciplinary research collaboration requires skills and capacities that are often taken for granted or under-resourced. Here we provide a growing series of resources to support our network and others engaged in similar work

A Critical Resource for Ethical International Partnerships

When we start a new project with partners in a different context, it is never truly a “new start.” Historically it has been experts from the Global North who have studied and interpreted the South. This means that international research partnerships are inevitably imbued with power relations and possibly the assumption that it is northern knowledge that will lead transformations of in the South. Without a clear recognition of that context, it is inevitable that existing inequities, injustices, and imbalances of knowledge and power, will continue to pervade our work.

We designed this resource to help make explicit the practices and dynamics that underpin partnerships, to support the development of more equitable working relations.

DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/DJTN4

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A Critical Resource for Understanding Impact

Research impact has become an important concept in the Academy. Without careful and critical attention, this term can be applied in ways that risk imposing meaning upon a wide range of geographical, cultural, and disciplinary contexts. Layers of lived experience and learning can be overlooked and as such undervalued or misunderstood. Equally, assertions of impact can be imbued with assumptions that may not hold relevance outside of the dominant discourses in which they were developed.

The provocations, explorations, and propositions that we present here are designed to support the development of more equitable, inclusive and sustainable approaches to research impact, particularly in international and interdisciplinary contexts.

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