About Us  

Vision and Mission

An equitable and sustainable world for all.

Our approaches and values

Ethical partnership practices

The nature of our partnerships determines the nature and extent of our impact. We prioritise and practice equitable partnerships, through transparency, accountability, responsibility, and critical reflexivity in our work.

Beyond disciplinary practices

Complex sustainability issues require knowledge and collaboration across disciplines and sectors. We collaborate across diverse knowledges to genuinely produce equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Sustainable practice

We are committed to doing no harm and ensuring that our work is not to the detriment of others or our world. We design collaborations, research, and development to minimise waste and ensure a positive impact for all.

Knowledge sharing

We believe that valuable knowledge for equity and sustainability is held in all communities, and the divide between the “expert” and the “beneficiary” is false. We actively facilitate learning from each other through collaborative and inclusive practices.

Capacity building

We are committed to continual and responsive improvement through strengthening and building the capacities of our network members. From mentorship to training, across all career stages, members are all actively engaged in learning to improve their capacities to work towards equity and sustainability.

Globally connected, locally responsive

We believe in a plural, interconnect and diverse world and that a solution that makes sense in one place, can cause further harm in another. Thus, our work is based in local partnerships for situated practices and solutions that draw from global knowledges and resources for common goals of sustainability and equity.