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Over the weeks leading up to the Symposium, you’ll gain access to asynchronous online classrooms where you can explore critical questions and initiate dialogue with other members of the SFA network.

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Omprakash is a nonprofit global network of social impact organizations, volunteers, learners, donors, and doers working since 2004 to build relationships and raise consciousness. The organization is also home to EdGE: a content-rich online learning platform that helps people around the world deepen their reflection and dialogue across differences.


The world has never felt this close or interconnected. Individual actions have ripple effects and global consequences. This past year has taught us so much, each one of us has had to make different and difficult choices, has had to re-prioritise and adjust, and has had to witness our world’s vulnerability on a new level.

As a network we have expanded in size and scope with a new hub in Eswatini, new members in all of our African hubs as well as in Scotland, India, Bangladesh, Germany, and Guatemala; we have undertaken new research to better understand how we can support our communities through this pandemic; and we have greatly increased our capacity in
digital communications.

It is because of our increased digital capacities as a network, that we are able to warmly welcome you all to our 4 th major network symposium in a digital space. As with all of our work together, with this symposium we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in partnership at this time. We will experiment with new ways of working together in hybrid (virtual and physical) ways and explore the relationship between the method and the substance of our work.

As we continue to step outside of our comfort zones, to keep up with the needs of the world around us, you are invited to join us in this new form of collaboration: Welcome to our 2021 SFA Digital Symposium!

Mia Perry and Deepa Pullanikkatil