The Sustainable Futures in Europe Network is developing its own identity and areas of work, with a focus on Ethical and Equitable Partnerships. One key aspect of their work is to facilitate connections between all SF Global hubs and to provide opportunities (funding, capacity strengthening, tertiary education) to the overarching network. Members of both the Scotland and Germany hubs were founding members of the Sustainable Futures in Africa Network and remain in leadership position to support the evolution and the various initiative within the rich and dynamic SF Global Network.


Scotland Hub

The Scotland hub is spread through the University of Glasgow and St Andrews University. The interdisciplinary team of researchers’ interests revolve around One Health, Education, Sustainability, Methodologies & Partnerships. They also connect LMIC research institutions and NGOs to possible funding schemes.

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Germany Hub

The Hub is based at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Research interests are centred on Global Development Goals with special focus in sustainable community development. Hub members are interested in interdisciplinary work across sectors with emphasis on education, sustainable development, climate change mitigation, ethical partnerships and communities.

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