Dr Julien Reboud (PhD, Université Joseph Fourier/CEA, 2006) is a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering (since 2017) at the University of Glasgow.

Through his PhD in France, his post-doctoral experience in the Institute of Microelectronics (A-STAR) in Singapore, and fellowship in Glasgow, he established a track record in developing and integrating microfluidic systems for medical diagnostics and drug discovery.

Recently, his research has focussed on the development of such platforms for low resource settings, based on ultra low cost materials (e.g. paper) and precision medicine, to detect multiple diseases in one iteration as well as identify specific organisms in the fight against drug resistance. He has developed a network of collaborators in Rwanda and Uganda, where the devices have been trialled in the field.

Julien also develops and participates in discussions and research on the societal impact of technologies, through outreach activities (responsible innovation) and support of student-led projects (e.g. FemEng in Rwanda, iGEM, Handprints).

He has significant commercialisation experience, as evidenced through his PhD prize in the French national start-up competition (2004), co-invention of an acoustic technology enabling full microfluidic integration leading to the spin-out SAW Dx Ltd (www.sawdx.com). He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in international journals (including PNAS, Nano Letters, ChemComm., PLOS One, Angewandte, Advanced Materials, Analytical Chemistry, Lab Chip), and 15 patent applications and two granted US patents (US8323572 and US7785890)