Hub Director:

Prof Oitshepile MmaB Modise

Hub Research Administrator:

Ms Goitsemang Mmeko

Hub Members:

Prof Rebecca N. Lekoko
Prof Olekae T. Thakadu
Dr Masego A. Mpotokwane
Mrs Boitumelo Gofhamodimo
Mr Tom Ketlogetswe

Hub background

SFA Botswana comprises four researchers from the University of Botswana (UB), a Research Administrator and two Art and Community organisations: Thapong Visual Arts and the Botswana Community-Based Organisations Network (BOCOBONET).

The hub aspires to diversify the SFA Network and Botswana through building strong partnerships with other stakeholders such as industry, parastatal organisations, government and private individuals.


In May 2017, the SFA Botswana hub embarked on a vital research project: Unearthing the Dynamics of Human and Wildlife Interactions: The Case of Mmadinare Community in the Central Region of Botswana.

This project has led to numerous outcomes, presented below.

During the period of the research activity, the community requested feedback and expressed their desire to see the final report. Our researchers therefore returned to the community on January 25, 2018 in order to report on their findings and further engage with the local residents.

The following images show the meting, and the local leader of the village of Mmadinare after receiving the trial report.

Community members during dissemination / engagement meeting
The local leader of the village of Mmadinare (study site) after receiving the trial report

The team hosted a successful stakeholder workshop on 14 August 2018, which sensitised the community of Mmadinare and relevant stakeholders to the importance of working together to sustainably resolve the issue of human-wildlife conflict in the area.

The workshop came about as a result of the conclusions that were reached during the dissemination/engagement meeting (see above). The need to develop community, industry and university partnerships was identified as a necessary tool to attaining practical solutions to community problems.

Members of the community during the Stakeholders' Dissemination/Engagement Workshop

The Botswana team had an article published in the USA-based Journal of Human and Wildlife Interactions The publication can be found here.

Modise, O.M, Thakadu, O.S, Mpotokwane, M.A. and Lekoko, R. N (2018) Towards sustainable conservation and management of human –wildlife interactions in the Mmadinare Region of Botswana: villagers’ perceptions on challenges and prospects. Journal of Human-Wildlife Interactions. Jack H. Berryman Institute.ISSN 2155-3858. Vol 12. Issue 2, pp. 220 – 232.

One of the recommendations that emerged from the dissemination/engagement meeting was the need to have a community resource centre where community members could be sensitised to the socio-economic benefits of co-existing with elephants. Therefore, on 22 March 2019, the hub met with the Mmadinare community leadership (comprising the Deputy Senior Chief, sub-chiefs, Village Development, and the Mmadinare Development Trust Committee) to discuss ways of funding the resource centre.

Prof Modise handing over the trial report to the Chairman of the Mmadinare Development Trust
Community leadership members listening attentively during the meeting

The hub is in search of funds to run community asset training to empower the Mmadinare local community to effectively use their natural resources to facilitate sustainable livelihoods. The research team has identified a number of assets that the community could be drawn on to derive maximum socio-economic benefits. These include Lehokojwe and Makome hills, Matlotla’s historic monuments/buildings, Letsibogo Dam and Dikgathong Dam, to name a few.