Hub Director:

Dr Mathew A Varghese

Hub Research Administrator:

To be hired

Hub Members:

Dr Abhilash Thadathils

Hub background

Priority themes of SF India Hub include Human-non human relationships, Urban Ecologies, Ecosystem interventions in the everyday, Embodied Climatic Understandings, Imaginations and Perspectives with Children, Thinking through Animals.

They are using Mahatma Ganghi University as a node, especially the extended activity of the Urban Centre with the SF Network’s assistance in reaching out to broader communities, such as engagements with City Corporations and Public Schools in India.

Hub Projects

The project is comprised of two broad segments, that entail a significant intervention in the field of sustainable development and climate, with emphasis on the urban/ urbanising contexts. The activity will comprise a joint work by the academia, actors contextually located on the ground and the city corporation in bringing up a field-based problems identified and possible suggestions of intervention and co-operative planning. This will be an initiative of the hub in partnership with university and city corporation, with a long-term agenda of establishing a functional urban ecology lab with field repositories at the CUS for ecological connectivities, designs, and eventual mappings. The partnership envisages advocacies and creative policy interventions, among other things, through developing further the existing memorandums of understandings. 

You can access students’ writing about the first stakeholders engagement here.