One the 24th May 2017 Abundance held a ‘Giving and Training’ event at Mbando Village, Machinga, Malawi. This was an event to showcase the skills acquired through the recent training programmes ran by Abundance. Attending and participating in the event alongside Abundance included the Wonderful Youth Group, Mothers’ Support Group, Home-based care, and Gogo Group, and the following guests: Representing the ward councilor: Mr Erik Kazithe, Senior Group Village Head Mbando and other Development Committee members and village heads. 

The Abundance team received a very warm welcome as songs were sung as women danced around as the materials were being offloaded from the vehicle. An opening prayer was made, followed by a poem by a member of Wonderful Youth Group. The poem highlighted some problems the youth are facing. The poem also hinted at massive deforestation that is happening in the nearby Chikala Mountain.

Showcasing Skills

The Knowledge and Multi-skills Development Center (KMDC) is a three-month training programme which supported local community members in such skills as carpentry, Computer software and hardware, Textiles and  Medication for breast cancer, Agri-business, Nutrition, and Fertilizer-making and Jam making.  Raymond, a training participant, outlined that as the training was only 3 months he did not cover as much material as hoped, however, he feels he should be able to fend for himself as well as pay tuition for his education using proceeds from the carpentry business.

The local Mothers group displayed the skills learned through the Abundance training in environmental conservation methods through modern technologies and food preparation which ensures fuel preservation. Oscar Maulidi of the Wonderful Youth Club shared the work that the organisation is presently doing to tackle issues facing youth including income generation, encouraging education, religion, performance arts, environmental conservation activities, sports and efforts to curb child marriage. 

The communities youth conducted plays that highlighted the development work that Abundance is doing in the area. Stewart Paul, Abundance Secretary, outlined that ‘They were very beautiful pieces of art, and the content was full of praises for the wonderful job that Abundance is doing in the area.’ Specific points mentioned included: 157 blankets given to the aged; toys given to the Community Based Child Care Center (CBCCC); bicycle ambulance and skills development training. The second play focused on environmental conservation by avoiding deforestation for charcoal making.

Mr Erik Kazithe, Councilor’s Representative, confessed that there are some NGOs that are good at making empty promises. He admitted that training young people was better than giving them monetary assistance. He used the metaphor of “teaching someone how to catch fish is better than giving them fish”. He advised the youth to be at the forefront in environmental conservation initiatives in the area.

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