Sustainable Futures in Africa is delighted to partner with Abundance, a non-profit organization working towards creating better lives for humans and caring for nature. Abundance, an organisation based in Malawi and founded by SFA Partner Deepa Pullanikkatil, has collaborated with the research team currently conducting the research trials in Malawi.
 Abundance started in Malawi in 2016 and has a team of advisors and board members resident in Malawi, UK, Canada, Qatar, UAE, Swaziland and Mauritius. Malawi was chosen as the first country to begin Abundance’s work as it was the country that inspired the team to create the organization. It is one of the most needy countries in the world. Malawi is located in South-East Africa, with breath-taking natural beauty, but challenged by high levels of poverty and environmental degradation. Abundance has adopted Mbonda village in Machinga District in southern Malawi and undertook a needs assessment. Based on the assessment, Abundance is trying to meet the needs of communities. This includes support for health care through the provision of bicycle ambulance, promoting entrepreneurship by training youth and providing equipment for small businesses and making women’s household burden less by providing fuel-efficient stoves. The Abundance team is working on an integrated approach with the intention of creating deep impact improving human well-being and allowing nature to thrive in this area. Through this targetted approach “Abundance village” model will be developed and lessons learned for sharing and upscaling the model countrywide.


A world of Abundance where there is plenty for humans and where nature is thriving. ​


Using an integrated development approach, we aim:
1. To create abundance for people through improvement in their well-being
2. To enhance resilience of natural resources through restoration and conservation

 “Our vision is a world of abundance… plenty of food ….opportunities to realize your full potential …. make a good living….. lush green forests…..thriving ecosystems….  plenty of habitats for wildlife….clean water …clean air…..abundance everywhere! 
D.Pullanikkatil, Founder, Abundance

Abundance has ambition to cover all needy countries in the world starting with Malawi in 2016.  How wonderful it would be to spread abundance worldwide.

What we do

Abundance taken an integrated approach to achieve:

1. Improvement in human well-being in needy areas.
2. Enhancement of natural resources resilience in degraded areas.
Our values are :
Care, Share, Empower.
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